here are those who collects them or those who are simply fond of one in particular, today we talk about Cups, the famous Mugs: large, small, colorful or just white! If you are also a real fan of these wonderful cups this article is for you! Let’s see more details and how to organize them!

This porcelain cups or ceramic ( MUG), are ideal to serve tea, chocolate or coffee, given their magnitude, than the classic coffee cup complete with saucer. I like drink Tea reading a good book, especially in these nights where the temperature is below 0, in Sicily are historical events! 😉 So wandering on Pinterest I found a number of Mug suited to readers. Here are some pictures.


Those of the Mugs is not only passion, but a real business. In fact, even large companies like Starbucks and Pantone have created their own collection with their Brand. Here it is also the color of the year: Greenery!


Credits : Pantone


Credits: Starbucks

Wherever you can find Mugs of all shapes and colors. If you want to surprise a friend or your boyfriend, you just know his passions and you’re done. Or for those who want to personalize Mug to give away will be able to print a photo or write quote with the permanent markers. Below the most original cups.



Credits Pinterest

The storage of the Mugs is also an aspect to be reckoned with, those who love and collect want dispay them on shelves. If not you can leave in the cupboard and take them for the right opportunity. Below are some ideas for your organization!


Important: if your Mugs has been replaced with another prettier or has splintered not throw! Find them instead to another use as make-up brushes holder or to plant in some aromatic grass! Like rosemary or thyme or cactus!


Anoma J